The Difference Between Yellow Gold, White Gold and Rose Gold

Throughout history, man has used gold to create articles of value, including coins and jewelry. As an enduring element found naturally in a distinct yellow color, gold is resistant to tarnish, rust and corrosion. Despite it’s durable attributes, gold is also the most malleable of all precious metals.

Gold in its natural state is a very soft material, so a metal alloy is added to make it more manageable. With a slight change of its composition, gold can be molded into different designs and into different tones.

The color of gold is determined by the type of metal alloys included and by the percentage of each metal alloy within the mixture. The lower the numeric percentage of gold in a mixture, the lighter the color of the resulting alloy. A karat (abbreviated with K or KT) is the unit of measurement for gold. Pure gold is 24K, which means it’s 100 percent gold.

Differences in Karats of Gold

Yellow GoldGold Ring

Yellow gold jewelry gets its color from a mix of natural gold and color saturated alloys. The most commonly used alloys in yellow gold are copper with a red hue and silver with a green hue. It’s this unique combination of pure gold, silver and copper that gives gold its remarkable color.

1994276White Gold

The term “white gold” actually covers a spectrum of colors that borders or overlaps pale yellow, tinted brown and even a very pale rose. The alloys commonly used in the jewelry industry are gold-palladium-silver and gold-nickel-copper-zinc. Plating of rhodium, which is part of the platinum family, is frequently used to improve the look of white gold.

Rose GoldRose Gold Ring

Rose gold, which is also known as pink gold and red gold, has become increasingly popular in the fashion jewelry world. Its stunning mix of pure gold and copper alloy makes it very durable and gives it a romantic hue.

With the amount of alloy mixtures that can be done, you shouldn’t have a hard time finding the perfect piece of gold jewelry for your own collection. If you’re interested in gold fashion jewelry and how to wear it, be sure to check out our 9 Ways to Rock Gold post!

Which color of gold is your favorite?

Host with the Most – Kelsey Kearns


Kelsey Kearns by the numbers

Where are you from?

I’m from Sugarland, Texas. In July I’ll have officially lived in Austin for two years. I was already super familiar with this area because I attended Texas State University in San Marcos. A lot of my friends went to the University of Texas, so I would come up to Austin to visit often. I love how much there is to do in this city. Every single weekend there’s something to do, especially live music, which is awesome.

How did you get into this industry?

When I was a freshman in college, I wanted to do journalism. I used to want to write for a company like Cosmo Magazine or do reporting. My dad used to report, so we’ve always shared our interest in writing. But as soon as I got to my first class, they wereQuote 1 telling me not to major in journalism because it’s a dying degree. I asked my advisor what I should do and they said major in electronic media. It’s where everything is moving towards, especially with the latest technology. I decided to major in electronic media, and I really liked it.

What made you choose to be a host?

While I was in college, I interned at a news station and found out that the news was not what I wanted to do. I began hosting for a show produced by Texas State students and I loved it. It was more conversational, like it is at the LC. The show was called La Bella Vida and we would have interviews of people on campus. Sometimes we had a setup similar to “The Talk.” Four of us would sit around a table and discuss different issues. It made for a really fun show.

What do you find unique about working for the LC?

There’s no teleprompter! I’ve heard from many friends and family who watch the show ask if I’m told what to say. I tell them no and that I’m just up there talking. We have information like carat weight and all that, but there’s no format that limits the show. The longer I do this and the more people I talk to, the more I realize how shocked they are that we’re up there getting to do our own thing on live television.

What is your favorite thing about working for the LC?

I love how much we travel! It’s really fun to be able to go out and interview our vendors. I also liked being able to go to different settings like to the mountaintop to do location shots. If I could choose the next place I travel with the LC, I’d want to go to Bali. It looks amazing—like an island paradise!

TurquoiseAside from traveling with the LC, where else have you been?

Outside of the U.S., I’ve been to Mexico, Greece and Turkey. I went to Greece right after I graduated from high school for a senior trip. We were on a cruise, so we got to go to all of the islands. We even got to visit Athens and Turkey for a little bit. The way that you picture it looking—beautiful and serene—is exactly how it looked. You don’t need a filter when you’re taking photos there.

What is your favorite gemstone?

I’m a huge fan of turquoise. I love Sleeping Beauty turquoise, but really, any kind of turquoise has always been beautiful to me. I liked the color even before the LC. My mother told me during a doctor’s checkup, when I was about four, he asked me what my favorite color was and I said turquoise. After that he was not concerned about my knowledge of colors! I’ve always loved the color, so I really love the stone.

18402_1803942569831464_3404081905588745634_nHow do you like to connect with your audience?

When I started at the LC, I didn’t know as many details about the gem, but I do have a passion for fashion. That background comes through while I’m on air. That’s why the majority of the time, I try to talk about how to wear jewelry pieces and what’s trendy or what’s being seen on the runway. That’s how I like to think about my own jewelry. It’s all about what you like, your personal preference and how it will look with your clothing.

What does your personal jewelry collection look like?

I actually keep it pretty simple when it comes to my own jewelry. I wear a lot of studs, and I have pieces that mean a lot to me. I remember when I had just graduated from high school and I was about to go off to college, my grandma gave me a sterling silver pendant and chain that had a little angel on it. She gave it to me right before I went on my trip to Greece as a little safe travel keepsake, like a guardian angel. I still wear it. I wear it every single time I fly, and I even wore it to my interview for the LC as good luck. That’s definitely one of the most special pieces that I have in my collection.

What’s the most meaningful thing an LC Family member has done?

I had a guy message me on Facebook about two weeks ago. He said he was flipping through the channels looking for a hockey game and he came across the LC while I was on talking about stainless steel. He said he learned so much from me and that he’d actually forgotten about the game he was looking for. I thought that it was amazing for him to forget all about watching a hockey game because he came across the LC.

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The LC’s 4th Annual Mother of the Year

We want to thank all of you who submitted your mother for this year’s Mother of the Year Award. We received many touching stories across the nation about remarkable mothers. Last month we were able to narrow down all of these amazing submissions to ten women. You voted and we listened. We are honored to announce that the winner of this year’s Mother of the Year contest is Janice Bowden!

Mother of the Year WinnerHer loving daughter, Paula Skeans, nominated Janice for the award. Her heartfelt story and devotion paid off because not only is Janice being recognize as Mother of the Year, but she is also receiving a $5,000 shopping spree courtesy of the LC.

Here is Paula’s entry that won our hearts:

“My mother deserves to win because she is honestly the best mother I could ever ask for. She is not only my mother, but also my best friend. She has always been there for me.

I was sick and had over 20 very painful surgeries for a woman. I went months at a time where I couldn’t get out of bed and could barely walk. My mom missed days, weeks andMother of the Year Quote even months of work during this time to help care for me.

I was newly married and very embarrassed. I was having a very hard time with my husband caring for me during these very private and painful surgeries. My mom was my rock. I know I was at times so hateful that it was almost impossible to be around me, but she cried in private. She never let me know that this was killing her to see me like this.

Mother of the Year Winner 2Thankfully, today I’m over this, healthy and cancer free. Thank you mom for always being there for me. I am who I am today because of you. I love you!”

The LC’s Mother of the Year Award is given to recognize the power of a mother’s inner strength and the dedication they have for their loved ones and others. We are so thankful to be able to honor a mother that has made such a powerful impact on her daughter’s life. Thank you Paula Skeans for submitting your mother and your moving story this year. Happy Mother’s Day LC Family!

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