Trendspotter: Ponchos and Capes

Winter is always tricky when it comes to fashion. While shopping for clothing for cold seasons; you can’t just think about fashion and style, you also need to make sure it’s functional. Ponchos and capes have hit the fashion scene, and they look promising. Both are a great choice for a coat when you need something to keep you warm and elegant at the same time. Check out our opinion on this cozy trend below.

PonchosBurberry Poncho

After seeing Burberry’s personalized Prorsum poncho on the runway this past fall, we knew ponchos were going be trendy this season. Combine all of your winter essentials, like heavy knits, layering pieces and cozy textiles, into one garment: the poncho. It’s an iconic piece of folk style that layers flawlessly over any winter outfit.

Its design also naturally adds a touch of bohemian flair. Not only does the poncho look striking over your shoulders, but it’s also very versatile. This coat can be the ideal lightweight piece on a mild day or a sheltering, layering item when the weather calls for bundling up.

The poncho slips on as a one-piece garment. Didn’t have enough time to give thought to your outfit before walking out the door this morning? That’s okay. Throw a poncho over it and instantly become chic and put-together. It is so flexible that it has been designed to use as a top, sweater, accessory, coat, jacket and cover-up.

Depending on the fabric and style of a poncho, they can be worn year round. However, for the winter, look for heavier fabrics like wools and knits, large batwing sleeves, longer styles and even faux fur if you want to be extra cozy. Here are a few of our favorites if you’re looking for inspiration.

Trendspotter Poncho Love


Because who wouldn’t want to be a superhero of style? The flattering cape trend made its stylish entrance during the fall. By design, it’s very classy and makes quite an impression.

Ruana Cape CoatIt’s hard to go wrong when you’re draped in a classy cape coat, but if you’re having trouble finding the perfect fit, do not fret. There are different styles of capes to choose from. For instance, the Ruana is a loose knit cape. It’s a free-flowing wrap that is open at the front. Sometimes it can seem bulky and overwhelming. To counteract this, stick to a slimmer silhouette on your bottom half and add a bit to help balance your figure.

Zippered Cape CoatA zip up cape features a zipper (who would have guessed?), making it very versatile. Pair it with an A-line skirt or tapered pants. Add a structured handbag and your favorite pair of booties for a sophisticated ensemble.

Speaking of structured, there’s also the structured cape we need to talk about. The cape provides the structure for your outfit, so feel free to keep your lower half casual. It looks particularly great over slouchy pants like a pair of your favorite boyfriend jeans.Structured Cape Coat

Now that we have justified an excuse to wear a stylish blanket this season, get creative with it. Create different looks by using winter essentials that you already own, such as booties, your favorite scarf or that structured bag you can’t live without. Share your photos with us and you might be featured on our Pinterest board!


How to Stay Stylish In Snowy Weather

A fresh blanket of snow can make any place look pristine and gorgeous. But no matter how beautiful it makes the winter look, snow is cold, slushy and sometimes it’s your worst enemy when it comes to fashion. Keeping warm and looking stylish can sometimes be difficult to pull off. Luckily, we are here to help you make those cold weather essentials look fashionable with a few styling tricks.

LayeringWinter Layered Look

If we haven’t said it enough, we’ll say it again: layering is essential to staying warm and stylish. When done correctly, you won’t have to sacrifice your warmth to look put-together.

To prevent the layers from looking bulky and cumbersome, opt for a belt to tie your whole ensemble together. Get more tips on layering in our Basics of Layering Style Guide.


When you’re outside, coats are pretty much the only way for you to express your style because it’s too cold to just wear what’s underneath. That being said, choosing the right coat is imperative. Taking a cue from the boys, this season’s outwear trend is all about chic oversized coats. Particularly, capes and ponchos are very trendy right now.

Belt a voluminous coat and pair it with polished pieces to make it look well thought-out. Another great tip is to take your outfit to a cool-girl territory with boyfriend jeans, a statement sweatshirt and fringed accessories. Boyfriend jeans not your style? Be sure to check out our Ultimate Jeans Guide to find the best pair for your derriere.

To keep your chic coat looking pristine throughout the winter season, be sure to waterproof it with Scotch Guard. You can find simple instructions here.


Did you know it’s very hard to keep your feet warm because they are farther from your heart than any other part of your body? This is why it’s very important to pick out the right shoes before trekking through winter weather.

It’s really easy to slip in slushy snow, so those cute ankle booties or ballet flats just aren’t going to cut it. Fortunately for you, we have gathered five functional, yet stylish snow boots that will get you to where you’re going fashionably and in one piece.

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During the warmer months, we have the luxury of adding accessories to express our personality, complete a look or just because. During the winter, accessories like hats, scarves and gloves are essential to stay warm when it’s snowy.

J Francis Paisley ScarfLuckily, winter accessories can be just as stylish and expressive as summer adornments. The LC offers over 100 different scarves that look great for various occasions. The possibilities of how many looks you can make with this accessory multiply when you take into consideration the various ways to wear a scarf.

Beanie hats have gotten a lot of buzz this season. They are perfect for keeping your ears toasty and look great when you’re having a bad hair day. Check out InStyle for 17 of the Chicest Beanies for Winter.

winter fashionHopefully after reading this, now you don’t feel like you have to sacrifice style when the snow starts to fall. Do you have any snow-appropriate yet stylish gear that you adore? Share photos of you in your most fabulous snow attire in the comments section!

Canadian Ammolite

Sometimes mistaken as opal, ammolite gemstones are iridescent stones formed from the fossilized shell of prehistoric sea creatures called ammonites. Over millions of years, the shifting of tectonic plates applied pressure and mineralization, converting ammonite shells into the striking chromatic spectrum of material known as Canadian ammolite. Each canadian_ammolite_003layer of color represents a layer of gemstone material.

Each Canadian ammolite gemstone is unique. Some display interconnected mosaic fractures resembling scales or spider webs, while others contain ribbons of color or broad areas of intense fire, seamlessly blending together.

Part of its rarity is because much of the source material has suffered from decomposition due to the erosion process, making it unsuitable for gemstones. Top grades of ammolite only represent 5 to 10 percent of the gem material that is mined annually.

Canadian Ammolite RingThe Korite mine in Canada produces more than 90 percent of the world’s supply. To put ammolite’s rarity in perspective, the average diamond mine produces 1.5 carats per ton of earth moved, whereas ammolite mining only produces an average of 0.6 carats per ton of earth. In approximately 20 years, ammolite supplies are expected to be completely exhausted.

Despite its scarcity, the LC will be fortunate enough to offer Canadian Ammolite at unbeatable prices tomorrow! Tune in to the Liquidation Channel at noon CT to see what all the fuss is about for yourself.

Pantone’s Color of 2015: Marsala

Every December, designers eagerly await Pantone’s announcement of their Color of the Year. If you haven’t heard already, the naturally robust and earthy wine red, known as marsala, made the cut this year. Equally appealing to men and women, marsala is a stirring and flavorful shade for apparel and accessories. From fashion to home décor, read on to discover how to incorporate this hue into your life ASAP.

jewelry collage


The LC was eager to hear that marsala is the color of 2015 because it translates to stunning gemstones including garnet, spinel and tourmaline. You can also show off the new Color of the Year with ruby, rubellite and colored diamonds.

Investing in statement jewelry is the perfect way to show off your love of the Color of the Year. Wear cocktail rings, chunky necklaces or vibrant ear candy in this color to update an outfit you already own.


The impressive, full-bodied qualities of marsala make for an elegant, grounded statement color when used on its own or as a strong accent to many other colors.

Featuring this dynamic color in your accessories creates a glamorous accent piece. From sunglasses to scarves, marsala offers various ways to emphasis your favorite qualities and features.

If you plan on investing in marsala-colored fashions (as opposed to just having marsala accessories), then find yourself a pair of pants in this gorgeous color. Marsala blazers and tops also look great when paired with grays and neutrals. When it comes to metallics, marsala pairs beautifully with gold and bronze.

marsala fashion collage

When in doubt, just remember to combine marsala with gray, black, beige and other neutrals for an inherently luxurious look. It also color-blocks well with pink, pale blue, warm taupe, amber golden yellows, greens like teal and turquoise, as well as vibrant blues.

Home Décor

Add elegance to any room by incorporating this rich and welcoming hue in accent pieces, accessories and paint. Marsala’s plush characteristics are enhanced when the color is applied to textured surfaces, making it an ideal choice for rugs and upholstered living room furniture.


The flavorful qualities of marsala make it a natural fit for the kitchen and dining room. Add a tasteful touch by using this deep red color for tabletop centerpieces, linen and small appliances. If anything, pour yourself a glass of wine, and you now have this beautiful hue at your fingertips—at least until you finish your drink of course.

Beautyoption 2

Flattering against many skin tones, sultry and subtle marsala is the perfect go-to color for beauty. It provides animated highlighting for the cheek, captivating pop of color for the lips and an appealing hue for the eyelids.

If you can’t let go of your pink lipstick and blushes, then incorporate marsala into your look with a scarf or top. Wearing this color close to your face will make the pink blush or lips really pop. If you want to test marsala out before fully committing, there are dozens of nail polishes featuring the new Color of the Year.

We hope that by now, you’re in love with marsala just as much as we are! This hearty color is subtle enough to wear all year round, so expect to see it throughout 2015.

10 Reasons We Love Winter

Winter is in full swing right about now. Depending on where you live, the roads are slushy or there’s snow everywhere. Having a hard time remembering why you anxiously awaited winter a few months ago? Here are 10 things to remind you why winter is awesome!

layers1. Layers Upon Glorious Layers

In warmer weather, you have to choose between your favorite garments because if you wear them all, you would turn into a puddle of sweat. But during the cold months of winter, you can wear your favorite top, cardigan, scarf, hat, boots and whatever else you want to layer on. The layers keep you cozy and stylish. Be sure to check out our Layering Guide to become a layer master.

2. Curling Up with A Good Book

Wrap yourself up in a comfy blanket and a good book. Add a cup of your favorite hot beverage, and you have yourself a relaxing evening. Whether you’re an e-reader fan or love the feel of a good old-fashioned book, check out this book challenge by Popsugar. If you complete it by the end of the year, you’ll have read 52 books in 2015!

3. Fun Head Gearhat

From big pom poms to bejeweled beanies, we’ll wear anything to stay warm. There’s no better way to prevent frozen ears and give your winter style an edgier look than with a beanie. Whether you go for a fitted style or extra slouch, find a hat that you love and rock it this season.

staying in4. Not Feeling Guilty About Staying In

During the summer and spring, it’s easy to feel guilty for staying in when it’s warm and sunny outside. But when it’s cold outside, feel free to stay inside with comfortable pajamas and your favorite television shows. Did you know that Friends is now available on Netflix? You’re welcome.

5. Faux Fur Scarvesscarf

Scarves are already the perfect winter accessories, but faux fur scarves add that extra touch to any ensemble. They are versatile and add class and glam to even the simplest of outfits. Offered in various colors, styles and lengths, faux fur scarves are easy to match with any look. Looking to add this trendy piece to your closet at a great price? Check out our Audrey Purple Faux Fur Stole and fall in love!

cape coat6. Wearing Blankets in Public with No Judgment           

And when we say blankets, we actually mean the latest coat trends—ponchos and capes. Any variations of these blanket-inspired coats and overcoats are absolutely IN this season and make a great transitional piece. Pair a tailored cape or poncho with long gloves for a truly runway-ready look.

7. Geometric Patterns

No, you don’t have to go back to 7th grade geometry class. Instead, look forward to stylish handbags and jewelry featuring geometric patterns. These designs are eye-catching and will make a big impact on the fashion scene throughout 2015.

8. Show-Stopping EarringsShow-Stopping Earrings

If you thought statement jewelry was going to be left in 2014, you were mistaken. Although chunky necklaces and bangles are still very in, earrings have decided to join the party. Think of all the ways you can dress up a toneless office look and draw attention back to your lovely face. Subscribe to the blog to be the first to read our Trendspotter post about this glamorous trend next month!

hot cocoa9. Hot Chocolate

A cup of sweet, hot cocoa doesn’t need an explanation. Want to put a twist on this classic winter beverage? Here are some decadent recipes from Yummly!

10. Winter Savings

Want to look fabulous this season, but not spend a fortune? Tune into our Rising Auction every day to get unbeatable deals on the latest trends. Prices starting at just a dollar!


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