Rare and Exotic Gemstones – Larimar

Larimar is a gorgeous variety of pectolite that features dappled blues and oceanic greens capturing the beauty of the shimmering Caribbean Sea. Continue reading to discover what makes the gemstone so rare and exotic. 2248514_1

Though considered as a volcanic stone, Larimar is a form of pectolite. While pectolite is common in almost every hemisphere, only Larimar develops the unusual Caribbean blue hue. Larimar is only available from the Dominican Republic.

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Trendspotter: Spring Trends to Look Out For

Although Groundhog’s Day was a bust and we’ll apparently be in winter a few weeks longer, that doesn’t mean we can’t start filling our closets with trendy spring items! Continue reading to discover six spring trends we predict will be a big hit this upcoming season.

70s-Inspired SuedeTrendspotter - Spring Trends to Look Out For - 70s suede

While the 70s trend has remained strong, its characteristic suede will be put in the spotlight this spring. Offered in neutrals, brights or muted pastels, leather’s softer cousin has lightened up in time for a warmer season.

Intimate Slip-Ons

The slip dress is back and looking slinkier than ever. You’ll see some trimmed with scalloped lingerie lace and layered over fine knits on the runways. The trend of traditional underwear worn as outerwear has really picked up. Who knew spring would be the season of lingerie?!

Trendspotter - Spring Trends to Look Out For - rufflesVictorian Era Influences

Fall runways called for puffy sleeves, high collar necklines and lots of dark floral paying homage to the Victorian Era. A key detail trend that flourished from this style are ruffles. They add a romantic appeal to any look and you’ll see plenty this season.

Adornment GaTrendspotter - Spring Trends to Look Out For - stacking ringslore

As professed by Gucci, the spring 2016 fashion season will call for layers upon layers of adornments. Flaunt every jewel in your box, from jewelry to brooches. More is more when it comes to accessorizing with jewels this spring.

Flat Mules

Comfortable shoes are still trending since last season and we are thankful. Get yourself a new pair of cool mules, pronto. Lace slides are some of the hottest flats of the season, and super-comfortable to boot.

Trendspotter - Spring Trends to Look Out For - fringeFringe Binge

Fun fringe is still trending from several seasons ago. From stylishly slashed edges lining skirts to fringe necklaces and earrings, these choppy edges are still having a major moment. It looks like this trend is going to stick around for a while and we are completely okay with that.

What trend will you look forward to this spring?!

Valentine’s Day Cookie Recipes

Whether you want to share them with your significant other, your coworkers, your friends and family or just eat them by yourself (we don’t judge), baking Valentin’e Day cookies is pretty sweet. We have gathered some of our favorite and most delightful recipes we could find. Check them out below!

Valentines Day Cookie Recipes - Raspberry Almond Kiss Cookies

This tasty treat is very easy to make with only FOUR steps! If you need a last minute Valentine’s Day gift to give, these raspberry almond kiss cookies are the ones to bake.

Valentines Day Cookie Recipes - Heart Shaped Cookie Pops

These adorable Valentine hearts-on-a-stick cookies are made simple thanks to Pillsbury sugar cookie dough! This is the perfect recipe for those of us who aren’t a natural baker.

Valentines Day Cookie Recipes - Valentine Sandwich Cookies

Turn your Valentine’s day baking into a fun activity with your kids with this easy Valentine sandwich cookie recipe.

Valentines Day Cookie Recipes - mm Chocolate Chip Cookies

The crunchy candy coating shells of the M&Ms break up the soft, buttery dough and is a perfect texture contrast to the smooth chocolate chips. This lovely chocolate chip cookie recipe will surely delight anyone.

Valentines Day Cookie Recipes - red velvet thumbprint cookies

This is like a cookie and cheesecake all rolled into one, which makes these red velvet thumbprint cookies dangerously delicious! The colors also make these cookies really festive.

Valentines Day Cookie Recipes - cocoa pepper waffle cookies

These cocoa-pepper waffle cookies are like breakfast meets cookie. Who wouldn’t want to wake up on Valentine’s Day to this?!

Valentines Day Cookie Recipes - Heart Macarons

Steal some hearts this Valentine’s Day with these adorable heart macarons. Bonus points: they taste absolutely divine.

No matter what your Valentine’s Day plans are, we hope these recipes make it even sweeter! Happy Valentine’s Day!

The Journey Behind Hidden Treasures

Hidden Treasures is one of our newest collections and will be featured on-air Feb 7 from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. CT. The unique tassels and charms allow you to personalize your jewelry with your own cherished moments. We are thrilled to sit down with the designers behind Hidden Treasures, Lyndy and Melissa, to discover this collection’s journey.lyndy and melissa new


What is your favorite part about this line?

Melissa: The versatility, hands down. I love how these designs can kick any outfit into the next gear whether it’s by adding movement and a touch of whimsy to casual wear, or it’s by making a dramatic statement as a final touch to evening attire.

Lyndy: The overall concept of combining the tassels with the charms is quite unique. It’s a new take on a classic charm collection, with highly detailed charms, all sterling silver products and genuine gemstones. We wanted to make a collection that will keep our LC family delighted and inspire others to create and share their stories for generations to come.Lyndy Quote

What do you think of the journey of launching an entire line of jewelry from start to finish?

Melissa: It’s been a really exciting process. Working with our different teams here and in India has been integral to the development of the line. I think it takes a global perspective to create something truly special, and our team brings it!

Lyndy: The journey has been one of dedication and attention to detail. From the time that the concept was originally conceived to holding the pieces in my hands, it was incredible to be a part of the development. We could not emphasize enough that quality was and is the number one emphasis of this new collection.

2336614_1Which charms of hidden treasure do you own andwhy are they significant to you?

Melissa: I have quite a few, but let me tell you about the ballerina and the ballet slipper charms. I was enrolled in ballet class at the age of 6. My instructor was a severe woman who quickly chose her favorites in the class, and then wouldn’t spare any time or consideration for the rest of us. Her chilly disposition and disdain did a lot to convince me that I couldn’t dance – and never would. For years I believed that to be true – but then in college I discovered swing dance, which led me to ballroom dance. I suddenly found I could dance and that I loved it! Since then, I’ve never really stopped, and this year I re-enrolled in ballet class and am very pleased to say that it’s wonderful, and I’m most certainly not a lost cause.Melissa Quote

Lyndy:  I love earrings, so it’s not a surprise that it was the first thing I wanted to own. I own earrings from the Ornate line and they feature tanzanite (my birthstone) in each tassel base. Attached to those are three charms from the uplift line. I have “dream” and “create” because they remind me to keep pushing forward, to hold on to the dreams and to create the reality I want to live. I have also attached the moon and stars charm to symbolize my husband. His name is Hamilton and I have always referred to him as my moon, as in “moon over my Hammy.” I am his sun and the people who have passed in our lives are the stars. We often say, I love you to the moon and back. He’s my soul mate, my person, my everything.

2325658_1Would you be interested in creating another new line?

Melissa: Of course! Part of creating anything is coming up with a slew of great ideas, and then figuring out which ones belong in the current project. The ones that don’t make the cut this time become the seeds of the next great idea. We already have new charms and new tassel necklaces on the horizon – and they’ll be premiering in spring. Working on some new hidden details has also been a delight!

Lyndy: The short answer is yes, as only time will tell. I definitely have more ideas for jewelry and would like to explore a more European look here at the LC. As far as Hidden Treasures goes, not only will you see fresh concepts in the tassels, earrings, bracelets, rings and charms, but the prices will be so hot! We are also looking at expanding the collection to have a greater online presence. So be on the lookout for exclusive charm designs online!2358422_1

Be sure to tune in Sunday from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. CT to see this amazing and exclusive collection. If you can’t wait that long, no worries! View many of these unique and expressive charms at the liquidationchannel.com.

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