#TakeBacktheHolidays Photo Challenge

Join the LC this season as we #TakeBacktheHolidays with a photo challenge! Starting tomorrow, we’ll share a themed photo on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. For 30 whole days we will give three winners a jewelry gift! There will be one winner from Facebook, one from Twitter and one from Inastagram.

How to Enter

Follow us and share your own photos of that day’s theme for a chance to win free jewelry!

Facebook: Find today’s photo challenge on our Facebook page. Share your own photo of that day’s challenge, and post it in the comment section.

Twitter: Post your own photo of that day’s challenge, and include @shoplctv #takebacktheholidays when you share it.

Instagram: Post your own photo of that day’s challenge, and include @shoplctv #takebacktheholidays when you share it.

You are able to enter on all three social media sites each day, and the winner will be contacted the next day. We will get your information and ship you one of our stunning jewelry pieces. Continue reading to find out the daily themed challenges!

#TakeBacktheHolidays Photo Challenge

Take Back the Holidays Challenges



Look of the Week – Tailgating

It’s November, which means football season is in full swing! Tailgating is a great way to show support for your team, eat great food and have fun with fellow fans. Check out our Look of the Week to discover a winning outfit for any tailgating activity!

Look of the Week - Tailgating - Kelsey

Black Spinel Ring | Cream Faux Leather Bag | Black Spinel Earrings | Blue Cotton Scarf

What makes this combination of items perfect for tailgating?

This combo works for tailgating because you’re outside, so you certainly need a scarf to keep you warm. Also, Thai black spinel goes with every team color. No matter what team you want to win, you’re covered. Same goes for the nude cross body bag, it goes with any team color.

What would you say is the most important item to have in order to tailgate successfully?

I would say to be comfortable. Tailgating and then going to the game is a long day, so choose only comfortable clothing that’s going to make your experience fun! Plus, tailgating is all about eating and drinking, so wear clothing you don’t mind feeling full in.

Do you have a favorite sports team you root for?

I’m from the Houston area, so I always root for the Texans and Astros. However, my dad is from Pittsburgh, so I have some Steelers and Pirates gear too!

What’s your favorite thing about tailgating and why?

I love the social aspect of it. I’m not a big sports person, so talking with friends is the fun part for me. The chips and queso aren’t bad either!

Look of the Week - Tailgating - Katie

Black Headband | Mixed Metal Necklace | STRADA Goldtone Watch | Gold Rope Bracelet | Clutch with Tassel

What makes this combination of items perfect for tailgating?

When cheering for your favorite team, stick to small items. I stick to simple pieces like a multi-strand chain and watch. A small wristlet is all I need at a game, while a sparkly headband to keep hair out of my face when cheering.

What would you say is the most important item to have in order to tailgate successfully?

Friends! It’s about the experience, so having friends around makes it more enjoyable.

Do you have a favorite sports team you root for?

Not really. I just enjoy watching the games.

What’s your favorite thing about tailgating and why?

I love being around friends, eating comfort food and sharing laughs.

You decide!

The best part about the Look of the Week is that you can get all of these featured items right here at the LC! Now that you have TWO wonderful options for your next tailgate, use the hashtags #KATIESLOOK and #KELSEYSLOOK on Twitter and Facebook to cast your vote!

Rare and Exotic Gemstones: Sonoran Blue Turquoise

The LC brings you yet another one of our rare and exotic gemstones, Sonoran blue turquoise. Known for its lush blue tones and empowering green undertones, it becomes easy to fall in love with jewelry featuring turquoise gemstones. Continue reading to discover more about this incredible December birthstone!Rare and Exotic Gemstones - Sonoran Blue Turquoise - ring

Said to have fallen from the sky, turquoise was the first gemstone ever mined. Needless to say, turquoise has seen it all, from Toltec to Aztec civilization. Found in abundance in the state of Sonora, turquoise has been a prized gemstone in Mexico for thousands of years.

Also known as Mexican turquoise, Sonoran blue turquoise boasts of high quality and often contains Pyrite flakes or black oxide matrix. The blue hues of turquoise are the result of copper inclusions, while the iron is responsible for the green hue.

Complementing almost every skin tone, it is no wonder that turquoise jewelry always finds itself back in fashion. Being as elegant as earthy, turquoise jewelry in a variety of settings adds drama and style to any outfit with ease.

Rare and Exotic Gemstones - SONORAN BLUE TURQUOISE Collage1. Turquoise Earrings 2. Turquoise Ring 3. Turquoise Ring

Be sure to explore our wonderful collection of this rare and exotic gemstone during our Sonoran Blue Turquoise show happening Nov 19 from 12 p.m. to midnight CT. From stunning rings to exquisite earrings, the LC has gorgeous Sonoran Blue Turquoise jewelry pieces to add to your own collection or gift it to someone you love!

Supporting Soldiers’ Angels on Veterans Day

The LC is honored to announce that we will be joining forces with Soldiers’ Angels charity on Veterans Day! Soldiers’ Angels is an incredible non-profit organization that supports military heroes and families through the many programs it provides. 

One dollar of EVERY sale at the LC on Nov 11 will be donated to Soldiers’ Angels. The money raised on this day will be specifically donated to supply care packages to deployed soldiers and to support Wounded Warriors.

Soldiers’ Angels is a national nonprofit organization providing assistance to military families and veterans of all generations. For more than a decade, this charity has supported the troops and their families through a variety of programs, from sending letters and Behind the Scenescare packages to deployed service teams to distributing voice-controlled computers to severely injured service members.


A Little Background

Patti-Patton Bader, a mother of a deployed service member, founded the organization in 2003 to provide a way for the American public to support our deployed service members and their families. The charity matches one service member with an angel volunteer. These volunteers support deployed troops by sending care packages, letters and other items. In 2014 alone, Soldiers’ Angels provided support to more than 70Soldiers Angels 1,000 service members.

A few guests representing the organization, including the CEO of Soldiers’ Angels, visited the LC. The LC Family sat down with them to discuss their journey and future plans for the organization.

Amy Palmer

CEO and President of Soldiers’ Angels

Palmer knew Patti for many years and was part of another organization prior to her involvement with Soldiers’ Angels.

“I had actually found an organization and spent 12 years serving with military families,” Palmer said. “When Patti said there was an opportunity here with Soldiers’ Angels, I moved over and have been with them ever since.”

Providing more support to the veteran community is a current goal for the organization.

“We spend a lot of time and efforts with care packages to deployed service members,” Palmer said. “We started asking ourselves, how can we utilize the same volunteers that have been giving these goods and items to deployed soldiers, to giving to a another population of people.”Soldiers Angels

Soldiers’ Angels have added services to Veteran Affairs Medical Centers. Palmer says they are the only volunteer charity that has access to these medical centers. With this access, they are able to deliver goods and visit patients.

“I feel like that was monumental because a lot of the wounded warriors are now getting services and a lot of the deployed service members that we supported while they were overseas, are now in the VA hospital. Just last year we served over 30,000 veterans,” Palmer said.

Bobby Henline

Primary spokesperson for Soldiers’ Angels

Bobby Henline is a veteran of four tours to Iraq and the sole survivor of an improvised explosive device blast that killed the other four soldiers in his Humvee in Iraq in 2007. Due to the explosion, Henline’s facial bones were fractured, burns covered nearly 40 percent of his body and his left hand had to be amputated later.

During recovery, he found humor to be the best medicine.

“Joking around and making the other soldiers in the hospital is how I dealt with the pain and everything that happened,” Henline said.

Bobby QUoteHe said his nurse relentlessly nagged him to try standup comedy, and he finally gave in.

“I tried it for the first time six years ago and no one really laughed, but it felt good to get it out,” he said.

He continued to do standup comedy regularly and eventually club owners invited him to perform at their comedy clubs.

“When I first started telling jokes, it wouldn’t make people laugh, but I showed them that it’s okay to laugh at me, especially when I’m being self-deprecating,” Henline said. “It was a good way to get the public to laugh.”

When told that he is a hero to many people, he said he didn’t see himself as one.

“To me, being a hero is like beauty—it’s in the eye of the beholder. A hero to one person might not be a hero to another person,” Henline said. “Someone that’s not just doing their job and is going above and beyond to help someone in need is a hero to me. That’s what Amy and the Soldiers’ Angels do.”



Help the LC support the Soldiers’ Angels mission by joining us on Veterans Day. A dollar will be donated to every item purchased to help aid and comfort the men and women of the United States Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, their families and the growing veteran population. May no soldier go unloved.

Decorating with Dionne: Decking the Halls the Easy Way

For most of us, it’s the most exciting time of the year. You’re already thinking what gifts you plan to give your loved ones and whose home the family will be visiting. One of my favorite aspects of the holidays is my tradition of transforming my home into a winter wonderland. I dedicate a couple days to the transformation, but it’s worth it. Decking the halls the easy way is the best way when you do it with the LC. Continue reading to discover how to save time and money when decorating your home for the holidays! Continue reading Decorating with Dionne: Decking the Halls the Easy Way

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