Thursday, April 10, 2008

Jewelry Channel Anniversary

April 18, 2008 marks the one year anniversary of the newest and most innovative jewelry shopping channel to hit US air waves! The Jewelry Channel USA offers viewers a unique and interactive experience that has never before been seen in the world of television shopping! Not only does The Jewelry Channel USA boast an enormous selection of fine quality, handcrafted jewelry, and also a blend of beautiful, rare and exotic loose gemstones, but TJC offers its superior products to it's customers at prices far below retail. This ability to price items so low, is a direct result of TJC being a part of one of the world's largest jewelry distributors and has certainly elevated the strain on other shopping channels who have been forced to re-evaluate their business models in order to continue to do business alongside TJC.

As The Jewelry Channel prepares to celebrate it's one year anniversary, it's easy to see why jewelry enthusiasts are hooked! Whether you are shopping for superior quality jewelry at very affordable prices, or maybe you're looking to invest in a high-end piece of luxury jewelry, TJC has it all! This year not only did The Jewelry Channel emerge in the U.S., but it also experienced the launch of it's newest luxury line of jewelry called Rhapsody. While Iliana line boasts eye-clean, G-H nearly colorless diamonds and 18k white and yellow gold, our newest line Rhapsody, features G-H nearly colorless diamonds set in p-p-p-p-platinum!! Besides it's incredible pricing strategy, which offers jewelry below retail and works via a reverse auction, where ALL bidders pay the lowest price, TJC spices up it's jewelry lineup with promotions and offers that bidders cannot refuse! One of these promotions is called "The One to Own," which is a concept that developed at The Jewelry Channel UK, which is celebrating it's two year anniversary April 4th. "The One to Own" is a brand new item the channel previews all throughout the day, giving viewers a chance to bid on it at 8pm central/9pm eastern every night! The Jewelry Channel also offers bidders an incentive to bid early, by giving bidders the opportunity to win free jewelry, via a "breakpoint." A "breakpoint" happens at random, and it rewards a bidder who bids early in the drop auction and it means the lucky bidder is only responsible for paying the shipping and handling charges for the item!

Join me in wishing TJC USA a happy anniversary and congrats on finding television's best kept secret in the world of jewelry, HAPPY BIDDING!!!


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