Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Welcome To The All-New Liquidation Channel

My, my, my, it’s been awhile, hasn’t it, since last we “spoke” on line? Lot’s has happened in the past few months as we made the transition from The Jewelry Channel to Liquidation Channel.

Sometimes changes can be looked on as very scary things, very much in a negative light, but not in this case. The move towards liquidation and eventually a wide variety of products shows how we have reacted to a drastically changing economy, and puts us in a position to help you find the products you need at prices you can really afford.

One glance at the screen will tell you that all of your favorite hosts are still with us: Sayed, Michelle, Kathy, Debra, Jessica, Marissa, Vanessa and the rest of the crew, nineteen in all, still here to assist you and brighten your day. Behind the scenes, the same, efficient, friendly staff of network representatives await your calls and queries, while our hard working employees that handle your orders forge ahead to be certain your pretty things arrive in perfect condition, on time.

Our new mission statement and purpose in life is one that is tried and true in American economy. Our buyers are out and about searching high and low for retailers, wholesalers, even manufacturers, that need to turn their excess inventory into cash. If the price is right, we’ll be there with cash on hand to buy their goods, but only if the price is right. We buy low, and then pass those great deals along to you, our dedicated viewers, and in the end, everyone wins. The seller gets his cash, we make a little money, and our customer gets an honest-to-goodness bargain. It’s ”win-win-win” all the way around.

All of this, of course, also applies to our brand new web site, The colors are more vibrant and true, it is easier than ever to navigate, and the selection of products is much improved as well. Big plans are in the works, such as our Web Deal Of The Day, which will feature a new product each day, not available on TV, at a great price for the web only on that day. In most instances, the product in question will be brand new. Don’t forget too, that if you are in an area of the country where you don’t receive our signal, you can always catch our live broadcast here as well.

So welcome back, cyber-buddies, to the all-new Liquidation Channel and As we say down here in Texas: “C’mon in and sit awhile.”

Dan Dennis

Senior Host

Head of Talent

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